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Bacaregua Hostel has spacious rooms for our guests, ideal places for chatting, sharing, playing and resting in tranquility. It is endowed with plants, tables and comfortable chairs that will make your trip an unforgettable experience, full of anecdotes and stories to tell. The experiences offered at Bacaregua Hostel are varied: a main courtyard with multiple living and dining rooms, surrounded by a plethora of diverse types of flowers, a SmartTV, a large selection of movies of all kinds, one stocked library with literature in different languages, and a collection of board games. Bacaregua Hostel also has a side yard where you will find an eating area, furniture, a stereo, a deck and a barbeque.

Food preparation options include a fully equipped kitchen with culinary tools. You will also find three spacious, comfortable, and clean dining rooms to enjoy the food that was prepared. Finally, the bathrooms contain colonial architectural design, hot showers and latrines that are well ventilated and clean.

In Bacaregua Hostel each space is designed for your comfort.